Hoof Armor

Hoof Armor was first designed simply as a horseshoe alternative that would protect the bottom of the hoof wall from wear…like a horseshoe. The advantages would be lighter, more flexible and nothing to fall off. I soon realized that it was the sole that really needed protection and Hoof Armor became hoof sole protection. Soon, users were applying Hoof Armor to the frog and then the heel bulbs, still as abrasion prevention, but with the intention of protecting the hoof while it naturally grew stronger and tougher. Like humans, healthy feet help make the rest of the body function better. One requirement of Hoof Armor was to be non-toxic for horses and appliers. The same base adhesive formula is typically used in contact with food. Kevlar is added for strength and abrasion resistance and is inert and safe. As is often the case, Hoof Armor became used as a last resort when it was used to treat and defeat White Line Disease. My research as to why it succeeded found that an ingredient in the latest formulation was an effective natural antimicrobial made from non-GMO plants and used in skin care products. This lead to both treatment and preventative for Thrush and White Line Disease and, in general, help develop healthy hooves. Research is continuing along these lines of antimicrobial treatment with emphasis on preventive application.